Traditionelles Bogenschiessen

Traditional Archery Seminar in South Africa

Traditional Archery

Booking Tabellenbild
Date August 12th and 13th
Location Sikilele Safari
Near Modimolle/South Afrika

Nico Louw
082 442 4506


Seminar fee: R 1 000,-
- Accomodation
- Archery seminar
- Food
Seminar information Trainer:
Karin Vorderegger
Three-time World Champion
Three-time European Champion
Dr. Dietmar Vorderegger
Two-time World Champion
European Champion

Bows Selfbow
Historical bows
Recurves (Bowhunter Recurve)

What we do not support
- Barebow (Stringwalking)
- Compound
Objective In this seminar the techniques in traditional archery will be developed. The objectives are to improve both the shooting technique and the aiming technique. The participants will learn to implement these techniques on a 3-D-course.
Content Shooting technique
Video recording: Determining the initial situation
The basics of shooting technique
The shooting technique in detail from the “stand” to “follow through”

Re-recording video
Analysis and improvement of the shooting style on the video
Work on your own shooting style through various exercises
Improve your shooting style

Aiming techniques
All aiming techniques
Analysis and improvement of your own aiming technique
Exercises for your own aiming technique
Distance practicing
Detecting the personal range
Shots at short distances
Shots at long distances

Shooting technique in the field
Uphill shots
Downhill shots
Special shots
Error correction of the shooting style

Shooting and aiming technique in the field
Terrain analysis including distance estimates
Detect the fault in the event of an error
Correcting errors
Seminar schedule Saturday
10.00 am - 5.00 pm
9.00 am - 4.00 pm
Teaching methods - Exercises on content points
- Shooting in groups
- Video analysis
- Individual conversations